Second school is not what's needed

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2004

A second high school will not improve our educational system or the product coming out of it. More supervisors, custodians and maintenance staff will use a large portion of the extra funding received from a second school. Until the Juneau School Board and administrators decide to seriously do something positive about the dropout problem, we will continue to lose students.

As a business owner, I am not able to get young people from this community that have any vocational training. The business community in this town cannot get students that are trained in mechanics, carpentry, electronics, plumbing, or any of the other trades. The trend in our schools is to assume all students want to go to an academic college. In the meantime, they do not encourage students to participate in a good vocational program.

Only 25 percent of our high school students complete college. What happens to the other 75 percent of our young people? The second high school will not address this problem. I believe a proactive vo-tech program will reduce the student dropout rate significantly and will be a way to retain more of our young people in Juneau.

I do not support the second school and will not until the Juneau School Board and administration solved the dropout rate. Our company would appreciate having mechanically inclined young people available to participate in an apprentice program. I am sure there are many other businesses in Juneau that have the same desires.

Jim Wilson


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