Nervous about Palin, possible capital move

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sarah Palin once told a KTOO reporter she supported an initiative to move the legislative session to the Mat-Su because it would serve the "greater good." She said she was not convinced a session move would adversely affect the economies of Southeast Alaska communities, including Juneau (Juneau Empire, Jan. 25, 2002).

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Sarah made those statements before she ran for statewide office and realized she needed Southeast voters. Now she needs us, and she says that as governor she would not concern herself with the location of the capital. She thinks that it is not the governor's business where the Legislature meets.

I think a governor should be concerned about an action that would devastate the economy of our city. A governor should realize that a state needs more than one healthy town to grow strong.

We had a governor with a statewide perspective, and we can elect him again - Tony Knowles.

When Sarah was mayor of Wasilla, she welcomed the Legislature to benefit her town. When Tony was mayor of Anchorage, he opposed moving the capital out of Juneau. He continued to defend Juneau when he was governor. Tony has clearly and unambiguously stated that if he is re-elected, he will veto any capital-move bill.

Keeping the capital in Juneau is too important to take a risk. I know where Tony stands. He stands behind Juneau.

Catherine Reardon


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