Juneau man laments the state of the nation

Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Well, the U.S. Senate approved another $150 billion for the suppression of Iraqis while we extract their oil. Man, those defense and oil industries must be rolling in our dough and our blood as well. Don't guess the troops will be coming home soon.

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We wave our flags and shout support our troops. But the dead can't hear you and the living who have the slightest notion of the spirit and intent of our Constitution can only shake their heads in dismay. Our entire government appears to be completely insane. Our economy is feeding the slaughterhouse and all those babies born at Fort Wainwright seem destined for sacrifice on the altar of war.

Our holiest national shrine is no longer Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and our Constitution framed. No, it is the Pentagon on the Potomac. We no longer represent and display noble ideas to the rest of the world. We represent death and display lethal weapons. We no longer seem to have any purpose but to destroy and consume. We are a nuclear-armed bulldozer dragging a Wal-Mart behind us. What a hideous spectacle we have become.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem to be goals we are running away from toward death, enslavement and the pursuit of misery with nuclear pistols on our hips. So rise up, people, and support the insurgency, we've been invaded and our Capitol has been occupied by aliens.

Sean P. Dougherty


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