Support for Doll, Kerttula

Posted: Friday, October 03, 2008

Are you voting Republican or Democratic?

Under the national Republican leadership our banking system is suffering a meltdown. The stock market has crashed, hitting people's 401K accounts, deferred compensation accounts, and, if you are unlucky enough to be in one of the new PERS and TRS defined contribution systems, your retirement account.

About 1980, state employees replaced their social security with SBS annuities (Supplemental Benefits System). Many are also taking large hits on their annuities because of the financial crisis and stock market crash. They are depending on SBS as part of their retirement.

Our PERS and TRS retirement systems have come under attack from the majority. Reps. Andrea Doll and Beth Kerttula have fought hard to protect our retirements. We can help protect our retirement systems and SBS by reelecting Andrea Doll and Beth Kerttula. I am voting for Andrea in House District 4 and I encourage House District 3 voters to show your support for Beth by voting for her even though she is uncontested. We need their strong voices back in the House of Representatives to protect our retirement systems.

Gary Miller

Retired state employee


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