Non-partisan against Miller

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010

I would like to say first, and foremost, I respect the sacrifices our servicemen and women make everyday in defense of our freedom. This is an attribute that has made me seriously consider Joe Miller as my choice to be our next U.S. Senator.

I would also like to say that I too moved to Alaska in 1994 with my wife and child. We moved here with the few possessions that would fit in our luggage. I secured a job at a local business here in Juneau the second day I was in town, and I am still employed there to this day. Although I took a considerable pay cut compared to what I was making down south, I knew that with much hard work and determination, it would come back to me, and it has.

I am also an avid sport fisherman, and I immediately purchased a fishing license. However, I did not qualify for the reduced- price fishing license as Miller claims he did. My question is this: How does an individual qualify for a low-income fishing license, while claiming he made less then $8,200 during the year in question, while also claiming that his family expenses during that year were paid through loans? What kind of loans are we talking about here? I find it hard to believe any bank would approve a loan to an individual who makes less than $8,200 per year.

I also find it unbelievable that someone could secure a mortgage during the following year that they claim they made less then $8,200. It took my wife and I three years of hard work and saving, in order to buy our first home. Did Miller win the lottery soon after he claimed he was low income?

Sorry, there is no lottery in Alaska. I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. I am non-partisan because I vote for the individual. Not the party. Something Washington is lacking right now is integrity, and unfortunately Mr. Joe Miller has shown me he has none.

Ian N. Martin


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