Alaskans must take responsibility for fishing resources

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010

Alaska isn't Alaska anymore - we the people of Alaska (Native and non-Native) have to take responsibility for Alaska's fishing resources (Beringa - the Bering Sea region and North Pacific).

In the early 1970s, decisions worldwide started in motion to divide the world fishing resources. By the early '80s, our president signed on the EEZ Law of the Seas, the 200-mile exclusive economic zones around and off the coastal zones of the world, which were to be managed by the people living on shore of their coastline, especially the fishing resources. The reason for this was fishing interests from afar cared not for the future of the resource fished - where it is hoped that the communities that lie next to the resource will have a greater interest in seeing the resource is managed properly. Thus, Alaska (people and state) need to take responsibility.

I believe this should happen now, if the people with political influence would take the subject up. Eventually someone will, because eventually Alaska will have control of its fishing resources from birth to the final marketing.

Bruce Lemke


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