Proposition 2 unbelievably wrongheaded

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010

I live on North Douglas. Over the years I've become convinced that a second crossing is, on balance, a good idea. But Propositon 2, which would devote a full 20 percent of city sales tax revenue to a causeway crossing near Sunny Point is so wrongheaded I find it hard to believe it is even on the ballot.

We already had a sound proposal, endorsed by the city after solid study, for a bridge at Vanderbilt Hill. It would have fewer impacts on our valuable wetlands than most other potential sites. But now the ballot proposition does a complete switch and states the city's intent is to spend 20 percent of our sales tax revenue on a different location, a different type of construction, and to do it whether or not the state and the federal government share in the cost. It would mean that that 20 percent would not be available for school renovations, hospital construction, recreational facilities, or emergency supplies, as it is now. It would mean the City Assembly could not simply do without that 20 percent and give millions of dollars in tax relief to Juneau citizens who are facing higher electric costs.

This proposal is bad for our pocketbooks and bad for the refuge. It makes no sense for Juneau. I urge everyone to vote no on Proposition 2 and then get to work on a more sensible alternative.

Douglas Mertz


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