Thanks for the rescue

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010

I would like to give a special thank you to all the people involved with searching for me while I decided to spend the night of Sept. 18 at the headwaters of Perseverance due to the difficulty of the route ahead of me. It was unplanned and something I wouldn't want to repeat. I cannot express my appreciation to my friends who stayed up all night worrying and wondering, continuously checking the trailhead and providing information to Juneau Search and Mountain Rescue. It hurts thinking about how each of you must have felt imagining the worst and not knowing that I was actually okay and would be out the following morning. I am sorry to have put you through this.

Thank you to Juneau Search and Mountain Rescue, who began hiking the trails after midnight, and then beginning the search again once light enough. There is enough danger along the trails by day with the steep slopes, poor footing and tough going, yet you began searching in the dark. With very little sleep you began searching again at first light. Your coordination, energy and thorough knowledge of the surrounding area is very impressive.

And thank you to the early morning joggers who were out to enjoy a nice quiet run and then after being informed that I was missing, stayed attentive and watchful.

Thank you so much!

Darryl Lester

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