Postal service inadequate

Posted: Friday, October 04, 2002

I only get to the Federal Building post office once in a blue moon. Today was one of those days and to my surprise there was a TV screen with news blasting away and the screen was so that the one employee working could watch it. All other windows were closed. One other person was handling getting packages for people. It all moved at a snail's pace.

When I finally got to the window I questioned the employee about the TV and he said in his dowdy manner that he knew nothing about why it was put in. When I asked for the manager I was told that the manager was NOT there. This was at 3:45 p.m. on salmon derby day. When I asked for a complaint card there were none available.

I hope that means that those of you who find the situation at the Federal Building post office appalling have already used up all of the complaint cards with the fact that even though postage rates have gone up it is not for better and faster service - it's for a television for the employee/s to watch - if they wanted us to watch televison (take our minds off the fact that we stand in line forever to do business there) then there was another wall that the TV could have been put on - but, hey, the one employee would not have been able to watch - heaven forbid.

That place amazes me. I don't feel we should get used to the fact that we have to stand in line forever to be waited on and while doing that watch the one employee watching TV while we stand in line. Why are three to four windows closed? What happened to customer service? What is the TV for? Where is the manager? Where are the complaint cards? Why do the employee/s look so sour? Are smiles out?

I had to go back to the post office Oct. 2 and there was one employee with nine customers waiting to be helped. The TV was blasting away! I pity the people who have to go to that place every day.

Janet Kussart


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