Achievement programs send business workers back to school

Posted: Friday, October 04, 2002

Across Alaska kids of all ages have headed back to school. At the same time, many business people are preparing to do the same, as Junior Achievement volunteers.

Each year, many business professionals, parents, retirees and college students go into local schools to teach JA classes. These volunteers use their personal experiences and JA's curricula to teach students different aspects of economics including how a community works, how to manage personal finances or even how to run a business.

JA volunteers serve to teach young people about business, economics and the free enterprise system. For example, third-grade students learn how to plan a city as part of Junior Achievement's Our City program, and high school students learn basic concepts of managing a business through Junior Achievement's Company program.

"Without the consistent dedication and excellence of our volunteers, JA programs would not have the same positive impact on our community that it has for so many years," said Debbie Blank, JA of Alaska president.

Junior Achievement in Juneau is currently seeking volunteers for this year's programs. JA offers programs from kindergarten through 12th grade and orients volunteers on how to use the program materials and work with students. Those interested in volunteering for JA in Juneau should call Helen Lee at (800) 770-1312.

Junior Achievement is the world's largest and fastest-growing organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and free enterprise. Through age-appropriate curricula, JA programs begin at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers. JA programs continue through the middle and high school grades, preparing students for additional key economic and workforce issues they will face in the future.

Today JA reaches more than four million students through 156 offices nationwide and nearly two million students in 112 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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