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Posted: Friday, October 04, 2002

...for all the help.

We appreciate the election workers who staffed the polls for the Municipal Election on Tuesday, Oct. 1, and know there would be no election without them. The next time you see them, please say a special thank you to these Juneau residents who gave up their day to ensure we all can cast our ballot:

Douglas: Stuart Sliter, Sylvia Harvey, Sharon Estes, Claudette Curtis, Mary Ellen Frank.

Juneau No. 1: Janet League, Crystal Parmer, Lyall Hadsel, Patrick Leamer, Shirley Nygard; Juneau No. 2: Janet Kusssart, Cindy Cashen, Nora Ann Toner, Betsy Brenneman, Jeanie Henry.

Juneau No. 3: Peggie Garrison, Nancy Shanley, Jeff Reitter, Dorothy Bradley.

Juneau No. 4: Nancy Waterman, Mary Brunton, Frances Still, Dixie Hood.

Juneau Airport: Tom Perkins, Cindy Moore, Ruth Kato, Anita Wilde.

Lemon Creek: Linda Bender, Renee Hughes, Yvonne Davis, Jason Bardenheuer.

North Douglas: Kris Ritter, Jean Riederer, Marion Rider, Nancy Hixson, Floyd Spinner.

Salmon Creek: Penny Miller, Cheri Rudolph, Joyce Smith, Jaxine Anderson, Jerri Davis.

Switzer Creek: Sue Stewart, Karen Davies, Mary Lou King, Sheila Bateman.

Mendenhall Valley No. 1: Nancy Hilbert, Dorothy Burnett, Lucy Hudson, Becky Bear-Jackson, Lolus Westbrooks.

Mendenhall Valley No. 2: Martha Penrose, Loren and Carolyn Rasmussen, Verma Whitfield.

Mendenhall Valley No. 3: Carole Winton, Kay Parker, Susan Davis, Mary Reeves.

Mendenhall Valley No. 4: Andrea Peterson, Eileen Kotyk, Karl and Beverly Loveid, Sandy Hamblin.

Auke Bay/Fritz Cove: Louise Dawson, Carl Rosier, Arleen Jones, Kogie File, Bette Wilson.

Lynn Canal: Bonnie Elder, Linda Miller, June Baker, Barbara Rice, Mildred Boesser, Jane Mulready.

Laurie Sica

Municipal clerk

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