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Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2004

Where I can appriciate Mr Woodbury's frustration regarding the unfortunate mishap with the Alaska Marine Highway System (letter to the editor, Sept. 24). I also have to disagree with him.

Many of us have traveled, may it be vehicle, plane or boat ... or even train. I know that most of us have had some type of a problem where flights got canceled, cars broke down or many other various reasons. And yes the companies should let us know that there are scheduale problems. But sometimes they don't. So yes that is their fault.

But you know, to sit and bash these people, and insinuate that they don't do their jobs correctly and if they trained their employees correctly and this and that is a waste of time. I grew up on the ferries; I am a ferry brat. My father retired first from the U.S. Coast Guard, then the marine highway. Those men work hard - very hard - to transport people back and forth from Sitka, Angoon, Tenakee, Hoonah, Haines, Skagway and everywhere else. The ferry is a cheaper means of transportation to get out of Juneau than flying until the heads of Juneau decide to get that road done (which they have been talking about for more years then I can even remember).

When planning on traveling it is usually best to have a back-up plan in case something happens to the first one. Yeah you were put out. But we have all been there, and frankly, what good is it going to do to complain about it? Does it really make you feel better to bash the people who don't deserve it? If you really don't agree with how its run, go to the heads

Now I haven't lived in Juneau for years, or traveled on the ferries in that time, but I can say I miss it. The beauty of Southeast Alaska is one of a kind. Here you don't see the huge trees, the eagles feeding at the creeks, the deer down by the water, the whales breeching out of the water. You can't see all that in an Alaska Airlines plane. You might see the glaciers, but thats about it.

Remember it's not the crew's fault. It's the people that run the operation. The crews work hard to keep those boats afloat.

Dana Armstrong


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