What about Exxon?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2004

I'm disappointed in Lisa Murkowski and Tony Knowles for all their name calling, back biting and mud flinging campaigning. Those two should be ashamed of themselves, I've seen high school students act more civilized. What kind of example are they trying to set for our young? If you can't stand on your own accomplishments, go home and hang your head. Anything else will only prove your ignorance and contempt for the Alaskan people.

It's not like one is more innocent than the other either. They have both sold out Alaskans for whatever reasons they currently have: incentives, campaign funds, favors, you name it. Politicians seem to kiss your babies for any kind of photo opportunity that comes along and then steal their candy when no one is looking.

Their latest squabble over the Exxon deal and why Exxon hasn't seen forced to pay their bills makes me upset. Exxon should not be allowed in Alaska nor be allowed to do business in Alaska until their bill to Alaska is paid in full. I would strongly suggest confiscating any and all of Exxon's property and equipment in Alaska until they comply.

Tony suggests that Lisa has made some special deal with Exxon and I would have to believe there may be some truth to that, as she sure as hell hasn't forced them to pay us what they owe. Of course she is only following in her father's footsteps. Ex-Sen. Frank didn't force Exxon to do the right thing then and he continues with that same clueless attitude as our governor. Who's bought whom?

Like father, like daughter, I guess. But wait right there Tony. You were governor of our great state for eight years and the Exxon company still has free rein in Alaska. What kind of money did they contribute to you?

Let's not stop there. Ted Stevens and Don Young have sat on their ever-widening laurels for years doing nothing about this as well. As far as I can see, all of our politicians have sold us down the river without a boat or a paddle. We also have 60-some-odd legislators in Alaska and not one of them has pushed to force Exxon out of Alaska until they pay their bill. Try that with your credit cards or your hotel bill. All hell will break loose. It seems Exxon is paying everyone, but Alaska.

From where I see it, unless I find a worthy candidate for U.S. Senate that has honor, integrity, and says what they mean and means what they say, I will have no choice but to write in "none of the above" on the ballot.

Shane Wirtz


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