Good deals vs. bad

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2004

Like so many deals in life, there are good deals and there are bad deals. When it comes to land swaps in Southeast Alaska, the good deals are the ones that serve a real need of the Alaskan public. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) is pleased that Congress passed the city of Craig's land purchase bill, allowing them to acquire private lands within the city's municipal boundaries. These lands will permit much needed harbor expansion, downtown parking, and revenue from necessary property and sales taxes. SEACC wholeheartedly supported this bill because it is important for Craig's economic diversification and makes good use of a previously industrialized area. That's why I took the opportunity to testify before the Senate on behalf of SEACC in favor of the bill while I was in Washington this spring.

Southeast Alaskans count on our senators to sponsor good deals like this Craig land purchase, but we also count on them to screen out the bad deals. Hundreds of Alaskans have been asking Sen. Murkowski to stop the proposed Cape Fox land exchange in its tracks. It makes no economic sense for Juneau to lose valuable lands in Berners Bay in exchange for clear-cut lands two hundred miles away. Stopping this bill will ensure that future generations enjoy the same opportunities and uses of Berners Bay's incredible riches that we now enjoy. Sen. Murkowski, please listen to Juneau the way you listened to Craig. Act in our best interest by safeguarding our public lands, not giving them away.

Buck Lindekugel,

Conservation director, SEACC


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