Scenes from the state cross-country running meet

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2004

Juneau's Nils Domke (458) chases Dimond's Andrew Hennessy (432) as they head toward the finish line of the Class 4A boys race Saturday at the state cross-country running championships at Skyview High School's Tsalteshi Trails in Soldotna. Domke finished 31st as Juneau won its second straight team title.

Juneau's Tristan Knutson-Lombardo (452) and teammate Tyler Dinnan (453) try to maintain their footing as they negotiate a wet, leaf-covered corner on Saturday. Knutson-Lombardo took second place and Dinnan was third to lead the Crimson Bears to their second straight team title. A story, results and more photos were in Sunday's Empire sports section.

Soldotna's Katie Franzmann (315), Juneau's Lexi Garvey (351) and West Valley's Crystal Pitney (366) lead runners up the first hill in the Class 4A girls race Saturday at the state cross-country running meet at Skyview High School's Tsalteshi Trails in Soldotna. Franzmann took third place, Garvey was sixth and Pitney was second. West Valley won the team title and Juneau took second place.

Juneau's Jordan Moser (355) strains for the finish line during the Class 4A girls race. Moser took 25th place.







These are the past Alaska state cross-country running individual and team champions. The state meet was a single classification until the 1985 season, when it was split into two divisions for small schools (Class 1A-2A-3A) and large schools (Class 4A). Champions from the single-classification years are listed with the Class 4A winners.



Year Winner, School

2004 Ari Goldstein, Soldotna

2003 Ari Goldstein, Soldotna

2002 Kris Smith, West Anchorage

2001 Kris Smith, West Anchorage

2000 Kikkan Randall, East Anchorage

1999 Kikkan Randall, East Anchorage

1998 Kikkan Randall, East Anchorage

1997 Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1996 Darcy Dugan, Dimond

1995 Michelle Parker, Kodiak

1994 Kate Galbraith, Service

1993 Stephanie Van Troba, Colony

1992 Kaarin Knudson, Dimond

1991 Gretchen Klein, Ketchikan

1990 Gretchen Klein, Ketchikan

1989 Shannon Hanson, Chugiak

1988 Phaydra Newport, Sitka

1987 Sarah Gish, Lathrop

1986 Kristi Klinnert, Kodiak

1985 Kristi Klinnert, Kodiak

1984 Kristi Klinnert, Kodiak

1983 Kristi Klinnert, Kodiak

1982 Mara Rabinowitz, West Valley

1981 Mara Rabinowitz, West Valley

1980 DeDe Hatthorn, Dimond

1979 Ann Locke, West Anchorage

1978 DeDe Hatthorn, Dimond

1977 DeDe Hatthorn, Dimond

1976 Betsy Haines, East Anchorage



Year Winner, School

2004 Rubye Foldager, Seward

2003 Whitney Anderson, Seward

2002 Linnea Pudwell, Houston

2001 Danielle Pratt, Grace Christian School

2000 Katie Baldwin, Bethel Regional

1999 Rebecca McMahan, Glennallen

1998 Cortney Ward, Grace Christian School

1997 Christy Virgin, Glennallen

1996 Jenny Rodgers, Valdez

1995 Annie Berdahl, Nikiski

1994 Annie Berdahl, Nikiski

1993 Emily Ransom, Seward

1992 Emily Ransom, Seward

1991 Emily Ransom, Seward

1990 Emily Ransom, Seward

1989 Jackie Schmauss, Eielson

1988 Kristina McInnes, Seldovia-English

1987 Susan Miller, Aniak

1986 Debbie Feiger, McGrath



Year Winner, School

2004 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak

2003 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak

2002 Aaron Dickson, Palmer

2001 Kyle McBride, Soldotna

2000 Andy Leibner, Soldotna

1999 Eric Strabel, Colony

1998 Justin Gardner, Service

1997 Eric Callison, Palmer

1996 John Angst, West Anchorage

1995 Jim Settle, West Anchorage

1994 Laird Prosser, Dimond

1993 Miguel Gomez, West Anchorage

1992 Miguel Gomez, West Anchorage

1991 Norm Rousey, Palmer

1990 Jake Bartholomy, Bartlett

1989 Norm Rousey, Palmer

1988 Chris Gilbert, Wasilla

1987 Chris Gilbert, Wasilla

1986 Chris Gilbert, Wasilla

1985 Gordon Birdsall, Wasilla

1984 Gordon Birdsall, Wasilla

1983 Doug Herron, Bartlett

1982 Glen Hardin, Dimond

1981 Elliott Sampson, Noorvik

1980 Ben Welch, Wasilla

1979 Ian White, West Valley

1978 Greg Cress, Dimond

1977 Rick McGuire, Service

1976 Richard Hunz, Skagway



Year Winner, School

2004 Matt Adams, Seward

2003 David Tamura, Valdez

2002 Jake Moe, Anchorage Christian Schools

2001 Chester Bukowski, Bethel Regional

2000 Aaron Gogain, Anchorage Christian Schools

1999 Mario Bird, Nikiski

1998 Mario Bird, Nikiski

1997 Ryan Ellis, Nikiski

1996 Jason Eastman, Seward

1995 Carl Blackhurst, Haines

1994 Jason Floyd, Nikiski

1993 Carl Blackhurst, Haines

1992 Brian Stringfellow, Nenana

1991 Gabe Lydic, Eielson

1990 Charlie Emerson, Barrow

1989 Joel Davis, Cook Inlet Academy

1988 Cromwell Evely, Abbott Loop Christian School

1987 Raleigh Cook, Petersburg

1986 Shawn Erchinger, Seward




Year Class 1A-2A-3A Class 4A

2004 Grace Christian West Valley

2003 Susitna Valley East Anchorage

2002 Susitna Valley East Anchorage

2001 Grace Christian Chugiak

2000 Grace Christian East Anchorage

1999 Anchorage Christian East Anchorage

1998 Seward East Anchorage

1997 Valdez Colony

1996 Seward Colony

1995 Nikiski Juneau-Douglas

1994 Nikiski Colony

1993 Seward Colony

1992 Abbott Loop Christian Chugiak

1991 Seward Chugiak

1990 Homer Chugiak

1989 Homer Service

1988 Homer West Valley

1987 Anderson West Valley

1986 Abbott Loop Christian West Valley

1985 McGrath West Valley

1984 Bartlett

1983 Dimond

1982 Dimond

1981 Dimond

1980 East Anchorage

1979 Dimond

1978 Dimond

1977 Dimond

1976 Dimond



Year Class 1A-2A-3A Class 4A

2004 Seward Juneau-Douglas

2003 Valdez Juneau-Douglas

2002 Valdez Chugiak

2001 Valdez Soldotna

2000 Anchorage Christian Soldotna

1999 Nikiski Soldotna

1998 Anchorage Christian Service

1997 Grace Christian Dimond

1996 Seward Colony

1995 Delta Junction Colony

1994 Eielson Colony

1993 Seward Dimond

1992 Barrow Dimond

1991 Seward Dimond

1990 Abbott Loop Christian Bartlett

1989 Eielson Bartlett

1988 Abbott Loop Christian Bartlett

1987 Skagway West Valley

1986 Seward Lathrop

1985 Seward Dimond

1984 Bartlett

1983 West Valley

1982 Service

1981 West Valley

1980 Dimond

1979 Dimond

1978 Dimond

1977 Service

1976 Service

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