Enforce law at DIPAC

Posted: Thursday, October 04, 2007

Recently, there have been several letters in the Juneau Empire that highlighted a few of the many disgusting activities that are currently running rampant at the dock near Douglas Island Pink and Chum.

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I could not agree more with those who wrote letters. DIPAC is no longer a place where community members can come down to enjoy some recreational sport fishing, harvest a few "hatchery fish," take their children, and do so in a safe and friendly environment. In contrast, DIPAC today - due in part to the complete lack of any form of law enforcement - has grown into a full-on snagging war zone that has been taken over by snag anglers. This particular user group shows absolutely no regard to regulations, safety for others, or the respect for the resource that they are ripping out of the water in barbaric fashion with snagging hooks, many times just to kick back into the water. This extreme behavior and form of fish harvesting, complete lack of acknowledgment to laws and regulations, unfortunately has now displaced the opportunities of others in the community to engage in safe and enjoyable recreational fishing opportunities which should be available to "everyone" and not just a select group of irresponsible and negligent snag harvesters.

DIPAC, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the city of Juneau and other responsible regulatory agencies need to curtail these activities immediately. With no law enforcement at DIPAC, snag anglers are now taking their behavior into the fish ladders!

What the community of Juneau needs is a fish hatchery for the community as a whole, one that will cater to all user groups (not just the commercial fishermen and the snag harvesters), but a hatchery that will in fact enforce fish and game laws and provide a reliable fishery resource so that everyone in the community, even children and tourists, can come to enjoy safe and enforced recreational sport fishing.

Rich Culver


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