Ruth Danner will look out for women

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ruth Danner has won the Alaska Women's Political Caucus endorsement for District 2 Juneau Assembly. This only the second endorsement that the AWPC has ever given in a Juneau race. It's clear that Danner cares about women and families, and understands they are a vital part of Juneau's long-term economic health.

In her interview, Danner stated support for development of more affordable childcare options, creating home energy solutions to bring down the cost of living, and making public transportation safer for working families.

We can all back Ruth Danner's vision for women and families. She supports creating safe places for families to thrive, helping parents find affordable child care, and creating economic opportunity to give Juneau's families have stable and meaningful jobs.

Interestingly, other Assembly candidates failed to reply to the Alaska Women's Political Caucus survey and interview request. Ruth Danner was the only candidate who took the time to show that she takes women and their needs and responsibilities seriously. AWPC has no doubt she'll continue to do the same on the Assembly, no matter how busy or complex issues may become.

Candidates endorsed by the Alaska Women's Political Caucus support the organization's baseline goals, which include equality for women, access to women's health care options, achieving quality care for children and elderly dependents, and eradicating violence, poverty and discrimination on any basis. The caucus does not endorse candidates in every race.

Ruth Danner, thank you for looking out for Juneau's women and families.

Jeri Museth

Juneau Chapter Chair, Alaska Women's Political Caucus


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