Photos: Working public lands

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

SAGA volunteers pose in front of Dredge Lake on National Public Lands Day, Sept. 19. A total of 42 volunteers, from eight different local organizations and individuals who noted no affiliation, met for SAGA's third year of sponsoring the all-day event, which aids the U.S. Forest Service in improving the public lands of Juneau. This year, volunteers improved approximately 700 feet of trail, moving about 10 yards (30,000 pounds) of glacial till. Breakfast was provided by McDonalds, Silverbow and Heritage Coffee. Subway donated lunch for the volunteers. Marc Scholten and Peter Cross, of the Forest Service, were especially helpful in planning and carrying out the event's actions, both safely and efficiently. Those with questions or comments, or who would like to share or are interested in community volunteer opportunities, can contact April Rebert, at, or Lawrence Place, at

Volunteers work at Morraine Lake during National Public Lands Day on Sept. 19.

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