Juneau Community Foundation launches $150,000 endowment

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

JUNEAU - With the help of the Rasmuson Foundation and local supporters, the Juneau Community Foundation has created the Endowment for Juneau's Future. This endowment is the first general purpose endowment fund established by the foundation and will serve as the basis for making grants to address issues and areas of high need in Juneau, as established by the foundation's board of directors.

The Endowment for Juneau's Future has met its launch goal of $150,000, with $100,000 provided as a match by the Rasmuson Foundation after local donors met the initial goal of contributing $50,000. The Rasmuson Foundation has also given $10,000 towards JCF's first year's grant-making program, which will be initiated this fall.

In addition to the support of the Rasmuson Foundation, the Endowment for Juneau's Future was launched with the help of the Alaska Community Foundation and the generous support of the following Juneau individuals: Vicki Bassett, Ken Brown, Bethann Chapman, Walter Chapman, Bill Corbus, Elsa Demeksa, Paul Douglas, Sioux Douglas, Nerissa Dumayas, George Elgee, Dawn Findley Groves, Robert Garrison, John Gitkov, Clark Gruening, Deeann Grummett, Michael Grummett, Karen Hansen, Jane Hawkins, Brenda Hewitt, Bob Jacobsen, Darlene Jacobsen, Bob Janes Sr., Bob Janes Jr., Rita Jensen, Wayne Jensen, Peter Jurasz, Matthew Kirchhoff, Patricia Kirchhoff, Eric Kueffner, Geoff Larson, Ken Leghorn, Aric Ludwig, Simone Machamer, Suzanne Malter, Alan McPherson, Thomas Nelson, Eric Olsen, Jean Overstreet, William Overstreet, Virginia Palmer, Steven Parker, Kate Peimann, Nathan Peimann, Sam Skaggs, Reed Stoops, Bob Storer, Jim Thompson, Paul Voelckers, Douglas Weaver, Jeff Wilson, Karen Wilson, Reecia Wilson, Dawn Wolfe, Mary Pat Wyatt, and Suzanne Yack.

The Endowment for Juneau's Future will be managed as a permanent endowment as part of the investment pool of the Alaska Community Foundation, which now stands at nearly $40 million. The Endowment is expected to grow significantly over the years, largely through bequests and other support from Juneau residents who want to "give back to Juneau" through their wills and estate planning. More information about giving to this endowment or any of the other funds at JCF can be found at www.juneaucf.org or by calling Executive Director Ken Leghorn at 523-5450.

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