Wells Fargo supports AWARE on United Way Day of Caring

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thanks from Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies Inc. to United Way of Southeast Alaska for organizing another successful Day of Caring, and to Juneau's Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Mortgage employees who volunteered a day of service on Oct. 1 for the United Way Day of Caring.

Sixteen strong, focused and intentional employees of Juneau's Well Fargo banks spent the better part of a day attending to the entire AWARE premises. It was dizzying to have so many devoted volunteers intensely cleaning every aspect of the shelter, and the entire building felt peaceful and rejuvenated in the calm after the cleaning storm.

AWARE's staff and the women and children currently living at our safe shelter deeply thank Brenda Hewitt, Becky Hildebrand and Tyler Browne, of United Way; and Wells Fargo Bank's Karen West and Sheri Vidic and their teams: Jaime Kissner, Tina Mariott-Gordon, Bethany Woods, Luke Fanning, Patrick Ryland, Catherine Sayre, Vincent Cheng, Lisa R. Hocevar, Tatyana Chaplin, Dianna Ashton, Chad Requa, Ivy Jackson, Barry Weafer, C.L. Simmons and a few unheralded husbands who delivered in the last-minute steam cleaners, wheel barrows and shovels.

Our community volunteers refreshed and energized individual residential rooms and common areas with a deep, steam clean of the carpet and walls. They provided deep cleaning for our industrial size stove and ovens, for three refrigerators and two full sized freezers, sanitized the playrooms and each toy, shoveled and hauled gravel to help renovate the playground, moved furniture, recycled, cleaned grates, changed light bulbs - there was no job too big or too small for the Wells Fargo Bank crew.

Thank you, Wells Fargo Bank and Mortgage for your leadership and energetic support in revitalizing the AWARE facility. The residents and the staff agreed - you qualify for AWARE's Shelter Wear And Tear (S.W.A.T.) Team!

A heartfelt thanks to Wells Fargo and United Way - we are extremely grateful for your partnership and support of our work to end violence and oppression in Juneau and Northern Southeast Alaska. We couldn't do it without you.

Saralyn Tabachnick

Executive director, AWARE Inc.


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