Thanks for taking part in Hydaburg's 2009 Culture Camp

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hydaburg Cooperative Association's staff and Council, along with the town of Hydaburg, would like to thank everyone who donated, volunteered, participated and enjoyed our recent 2009 Culture Camp and raising of four totems. This event is the beginning of our theme, "Reawakening our Past," and also the beginning of our Historic Haida Totem Replication Project. We have 17 more totems to replicate or renovate and will continue to work toward this accomplishment.

A special thank you goes to the HCA staff (this includes our Master Carvers and Apprentices) for the months of planning, all of the volunteer work, and your dedication to our culture and people. Your hard work made this a very special occasion.

Thanks to Sealaska Corp. for the donation of cedar logs, which made the carving of the totems possible. Thanks to First Bank and Wells Fargo for their grant program which provided financial assistance for Culture Camp. Thanks to Haida Corp., KCA, CCA, OVK for providing lunches each day.

Thanks to Hydaburg School for allowing the use of their facilities. Thanks to the wonderful dance groups who performed. Also to the numerous community members and all POW residents who stepped up and donated tools, equipment, trucks, food, time, etc.

There are too many people and businesses to name individually, but with the help of everyone on Prince of Wales and many other towns in Alaska, we accomplished a beautiful and happy occasion and our thanks go out to all who were involved. Haw'aa.

Frances C. Natkong

Administrative assistant and enrollment clerk, Hydaburg Cooperative Association


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