Women's caucus favors Danner for Assembly

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2009

JUNEAU - The Alaska Women's Political Caucus announced its endorsement of Assembly District 2 candidate Ruth Danner last week in a press release.

The caucus advocates equality for women, access to women's health care options, achieving quality health care for children and elderly dependents and eradicating violence, poverty and discrimination.

Danner is the second Juneau city candidate the organization has ever endorsed. She was the only Assembly candidate this election to respond to the organization's survey and interview request.

"Ruth Danner showed us she cares about women and families, and understands they are a vital part of Juneau's long-term economic health," Alaska Women's Political Caucus Juneau Chapter Chair Jeri Museth said in the release. "We can all back Ruth Danner's vision for our women and families."

Danner talked about the need for more affordable childcare options, home energy solutions to bring down the cost of living and making public transportation safer for families in her interview.

The Alaska Women's Political Caucus is online at http://www.akwpc.org/index.php.

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