Proposition 2 and civil discourse
Over the last few weeks you have heard probably more than you want about using local sales tax money to build a causeway across the Mendenhall Wildlife Refuge. Why is $90 million of local money necessary in lieu of normal state and federal highway funding? Simply put, the proposed project does not cut the mustard with state and federal highway planners and with Congressional priorities. In fact the infamous bridge-to-nowhere has even beat out this crossing-to-somewhere. Now that is truly Alaska history.

Second crossing just isn't worth it
Like so many others, I too have fantasized for many years of a second, even more convenient road crossing over Gastineau Channel, easing access to and from Douglas Island, Eaglecrest Ski Area, and minimizing congestion on the Juneau-Douglas bridge. But, it's time to grow up and face reality. This second crossing, as proposed, just isn't worth it. We, as a local, national, and world society have got to learn to lessen, rather than expand, our petroleum-dependent urban and suburban sprawl. Need more housing? Fill in our existing gaps along streets and utilities. Wanna golf? Go have fun at File's. Wanna develop a seaport on West Douglas? Show me the market. Please, though, don't claim "If we build it they shall come."

Congress should slow down on greenhouse gas regs
On January 2, 2011, new EPA regulations regarding greenhouse emissions on businesses, small and large throughout the nation, will go into effect unless Congress acts to block them. While I whole-heartedly agree with the goal of these new regs, I disagree with the timing and the permitting requirements.

Depiction of Ahmadinejad predictable, in poor taste
The Empire's reprint of the Denver Post cartoon last Monday depicting Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a raving lunatic at the United Nations was in all too predictable and unfortunate taste, to put it mildly.

Proposition 2 unbelievably wrongheaded
I live on North Douglas. Over the years I've become convinced that a second crossing is, on balance, a good idea. But Propositon 2, which would devote a full 20 percent of city sales tax revenue to a causeway crossing near Sunny Point is so wrongheaded I find it hard to believe it is even on the ballot.

No vote needed to keep wetlands magical
Unlike many of those commenting on the Sunny Point second crossing, I do not hunt or fish the Mendenhall wetlands. Occasionally I walk the dog, or just explore a bit. But every time I drive on Egan Drive and view that vast expanse of wetlands, I feel good. It is a beautiful sight, and the thought of all the fish and animal life it supports buoys my spirit. Certainly it is part of what makes this place so magical for tourists and residents alike. Voting no on Proposition 2 will help keep it that way.

Vote Miller instead of wasting a ballot on Murkowski
Though I have nothing against her, a vote for Lisa Murkowski at this point is nothing more than a vote for the extremist, Joe Miller, because she just cannot sway enough voters in her favor in November. Instead of voting for Murkowski, I encourage people to vote for Scott McAdams, the Democrat, who has lived all his life here in Alaska, and has a vested interest in our state. He was a commercial fisherman and supports sustained yield, unlike Miller and his buddy Gov. Sean Parnell, who has overseen continual low salmon returns on various rivers and who supports the Pebble Mine even though there has not been an environmental impact review done yet, something Don Young was trying to hide by attempting to block the EPA's review from even occurring, putting our Bristol Bay salmon at risk should there be detriments in its development.

Douglas Crossing vital for Juneau's development
In August, I attended the City Assembly meeting for placing the North Douglas crossing on the ballot. I listened quietly while I watched several elderly gentlemen present their reasons for not approving the crossing. I, however, testified for the proposition. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, but I feel this is an important issue. I am a young mother and wife with a very young son. My husband and I work very hard to pay our bills, and provide for our family. However, I am afraid those who oppose this project so strongly now will not be here in 10 or 15 years, while young families like ours will.

Like Leighty said, second crossing a bad idea
I commend Bill Leighty for his recent My Turn (see "Juneau should resist the temptation to sprawl to North Douglas" in Tuesday's Empire) opposing the second crossing. Juneau certainly doesn't need the inefficiency and overall waste of energy that will inevitably result from such a sprawl-encouraging project.

Shocking support of second crossing from an environmentalist
Shocking as it may be to my many conservation-minded friends, this environmentalist is strongly in support of Proposition 2, to fund the second crossing.

Tuition hike untimely
First of all I thank you for that photo of University of Alaska Southeast Chancellor John Pugh and myself. So many readers called to tell me what a neat picture it was. So I looked at it and then read the article.

Light rail option should be on the table
Juneau citizens have an excellent opportunity to participate in local democracy through the 2010 Alaska municipal elections. Of three propositions on the 2010 ballot, the most energized discourse concerns Proposition 2.

Vote yes on Auke Bay Elementary makeover
Proposition 1 on Tuesday's ballot would allow the city to issue $18.7 million in general obligation bonds to renovate Auke Bay Elementary School. As a renovation, this project would qualify for 70 percent debt reimbursement under the state's School Construction Bond Debt Reimbursement Program, leaving a net fiscal impact to Juneau taxpayers of only $6.1 million over 10 years.

Vote McAdams instead of wasting a ballot on Murkowski
Though I have nothing against her, a vote for Lisa Murkowski at this point is nothing more than a vote for the extremist, Joe Miller, because she just cannot sway enough voters in her favor in November. Instead of voting for Murkowski, I encourage people to vote for Scott McAdams, the Democrat, who has lived all his life here in Alaska, and has a vested interest in our state. He was a commercial fisherman and supports sustained yield, unlike Miller and his buddy Gov. Sean Parnell, who has overseen continual low salmon returns on various rivers and who supports the Pebble Mine even though there has not been an environmental impact review done yet, something Don Young was trying to hide by attempting to block the Environmental Protection Agency's review from even occurring, putting our Bristol Bay salmon at risk should there be detriments in its development.

Alaskans must take responsibility for fishing resources
Alaska isn't Alaska anymore - we the people of Alaska (Native and non-Native) have to take responsibility for Alaska's fishing resources (Beringa - the Bering Sea region and North Pacific).

Vanderbilt Hill Road a better place to cross to Douglas
Proponents of Proposition 2, which will appear on the Oct. 5 municipal ballot, and which asks us to use 10 years' worth of sales taxes to build a North Douglas Crossing, say that they intend to build the crossing at Sunny Point near Walmart. As long as this is their preferred location for the crossing, and as long as they intend to use a sales tax to fund it, I intend to vote no on Proposition 2.

Non-partisan against Miller
I would like to say first, and foremost, I respect the sacrifices our servicemen and women make everyday in defense of our freedom. This is an attribute that has made me seriously consider Joe Miller as my choice to be our next U.S. Senator.

Murkowski's campaign inconsistent with responsibility, legacy
A week or so ago I spoke with a prominent Juneau Republican regarding Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign. This individual strongly supports her action, while I do not. In my opinion, Murkowski had a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate principles and leadership, along with a long-term committment to the welfare of the Republican party, our state, and our nation.

Proposed crossing raises clearance issues
Proposition 2 would extend a portion of the sales tax until 2023. The funds would be used to construct an earthen causeway to North Douglas from Sunny Point. The design provides a small bridge over the Mendenhall Bar Channel. The design indicates a 16 foot clearance with a 22-foot tide.

Plant-based diet would end animal suffering
Saturday marked the 28th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day, dedicated to exposing and mourning the suffering and death of 58 billion land animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Bears sticking around Mendenhall
Tourism season may be over, but the bears aren't ready to pack it in just yet.

Lloyd reflects as he prepares to leave office
As Denby Lloyd prepares to retire from his duties as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, he discussed his career path and his challenges along the way with the Empire.

Empire looking for local breast cancer survivors
In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Juneau Empire is looking to profile local survivors of the disease. If you, or someone you know is a Southeast Alaska survivor, please send contact information to the Empire at Data can also be mailed to Charles Ward, Interim Managing Editor, c/o the Juneau Empire, 3100 Channel Dr., Juneau, AK 99801, or dropped off at our office.

Photos: Slowly sinking
The Rose, a fishing vessel, lies partially submerged in Norway Point after sinking in Aurora Harbor on Sept. 15. A harbor employee told the Empire the vessel had not moved from its spot in the harbor for more than a year when at least one plank came off the ship, sinking it quickly. The Coast Guard was alerted when it happened.

Teacher of the Year Finalist: The arts helps kids discover how to make their mark
Glacier Valley Elementary School is rich in new and recognized art programs that are aimed at helping children better learn all foundation skills, and one of the key figures in that effort is one of three finalists for Alaska's Teacher of the Year award.

Empire looking for local breast cancer survivors
In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Juneau Empire is looking to profile local survivors of the disease. If you, or someone you know is a Southeast Alaska survivor, please send contact information to the Empire at Data can also be mailed to Charles Ward, Interim Managing Editor, c/o the Juneau Empire, 3100 Channel Dr., Juneau, AK 99801, or dropped off at our office.

Carnival sees Alaska profits rebounding
Carnival Cruise Lines' decision to pull ships out of Alaska this last summer may have paid off for the line, as it reports strong ticket sales and increasing profits for the just concluded tourist season.

Police & Fire
This report contains information provided to the Empire from law enforcement agencies. This report includes arrest and citation information, not conviction information. Anyone listed in this report is presumed innocent.

Downtown residents, businesses to get voice back
Downtown residents and business owners are getting back the opportunity to have a collective voice on issues that matter to them.

Maroney sentencing for Lacey Act violations postponed due to weather
Fog at Juneau international Airport prevented two key figures in the sentencing of a former Juneau restaurant owner from reaching town in time for a Friday hearing, pushing the date back nearly two weeks.

In the Juneau Municipal Election Voter's Guide in the Sept. 26 Empire, the number of Juneau School District School Board candidates a voter may vote for was incorrect. Voters may choose two candidates of the three running.

Preliminary engineering to continue at Statter Harbor, DeHarts Marina
Plans to rebuild and restructure the layout of Statter Harbor and DeHarts Marina moved forward Thursday evening.

Public can comment on proposed salmon stocking program
The Department of Fish and Game, Sport Fish Division, is proposing to release hatchery-raised king salmon into Glacier, Moraine and Crystal Lakes in the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, according to a news release. The project is an extension of the division's freshwater stocking program and is in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service.

Photo: Set to take on the world
Ice, a six-year-old Sheltie, runs through the poles during the AKC Agility Trials hosted by the Dog Obedience Training Club of Anchorage on July 25 at Bancroft Park near Waldron Lake in Anchorage. Ice and handler Heidi Vania turned in a time of 31.25 seconds in their first run Friday at the Agility World Championships in Rieden, Germany. The United States team placed 12th.

Police & Fire
This report contains information provided to the Empire from law enforcement agencies. This report includes arrest and citation information, not conviction information. Anyone listed in this report is presumed innocent.

Cultivating Culture
Students and staff at Riverbend Elementary School will hold a harvest celebration Monday, culminating the efforts of their community garden and blueberry-picking trip to Eaglecrest this fall.

Thanks for the rescue
I would like to give a special thank you to all the people involved with searching for me while I decided to spend the night of Sept. 18 at the headwaters of Perseverance due to the difficulty of the route ahead of me. It was unplanned and something I wouldn't want to repeat. I cannot express my appreciation to my friends who stayed up all night worrying and wondering, continuously checking the trailhead and providing information to Juneau Search and Mountain Rescue. It hurts thinking about how each of you must have felt imagining the worst and not knowing that I was actually okay and would be out the following morning. I am sorry to have put you through this.

Thanks for help with Jail and Bail
What a day! Jailbirds were lining up at the Moose Lodge on the first of September to raise money for the March of Dimes. They turned themselves in and went before the Hanging Judge, Sonie Blackwell, who sentenced them to "smiling and dialing" to raise their goals. The jailbirds raised $14,731 and our top Jailbird was Cole Dysinger, he raised $1,001. Carol Schriver trailed at $1,000, then Joseph Burrick at $940, Shirley McCoy at $934 and Marilyn Monagle at $750. The top jailbird's names were put in a "lucky draw" for a Temsco Helicopters Mendenhall Glacier guided walk tour for two. This much sought-after prize went to Shirley McCoy who worked feverishly, eating only bread and water to reach her $1,000 mark, missing it by $66. Thank you to the volunteers who worked the day away: Women of the Moose Senior Regent Karen Fortwengler, Cindy Hudson, Shirley McCoy, Sonie Blackwell and the Juneau Moose Family Center Lodge #700 for allowing us to once again host our Jail and Bail at their center. Also a big thank you to Temsco Helicopters for their very generous donation for our top jail bird and to all the jailbirds who turned out for the day. Congratulations. You have helped moms and babies here in Alaska. You are helping to fund important research, grants and education to further our mission of improving the health of Alaska's babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality. On behalf of those we serve in Alaska, thank you!

Thanks for taking care of my engine
Many times in our lives we fail to recognize those who go out of their way to provide exemplary service. Just recently on a Sunday afternoon I was returning to Auke Bay harbor when the engine on my boat failed. On Monday morning, I promptly called the dealership that I got the engine from. I was told to bring the boat right in, which I did. Well, low and behold, what I thought would be an easy solution to fix via use of my extended warranty, I find out that I had failed in part in my responsibility to have the engine properly serviced. The previous management and I had worked together on this engine and others over the years and I trusted their judgment when it came to service. That unfortunately wasn't a good thing. I failed to communicate what was needed, thinking they would take care of anything that needed taking care of ... not good.

Thanks for the tour
On behalf of Daisy Troop 4028, I'd like to heartily thank Kirby Day and Princess Cruises for hosting our first-grade girls for a tour aboard the Golden Princess on Sept. 13. The staff on the Golden Princess treated our little girls like royalty and showed them all the fun on-board attractions that Juneau's cruise visitors get to enjoy. The girls decided that they wanted to go on a cruise ship tour to celebrate their success in cookie sales.

Thanks for voting for us
Jen Lium's second grade class at Riverbend Elementary School recently received funding from Limeades for Learning, a partnership between SONIC and Their project received 500 votes on the Limeades for Learning website, awarding them funding to buy their science supplies.

Thanks for the tour
Girl Scouts from Troop 4028 pose during a tour of the Golden Princess cruise ship Sept. 13. From left to right, Margot Oliver, Ivy Smith, Sierra Kanouse, Marina Lloyd, Maile Quigley, Hallie Mertl, Tallulah Lastufka, Merry Newman, Sophia Pugh, Celia Wheeler and Elin Antaya (front).

Celebrating success at UAS: Scholarship fund grows, benefits students
Fall 2010 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Southeast Conference Scholarship for students at the University of Alaska Southeast. Since November 2000, $102,700 has been awarded. The scholarship was conceived and developed at the annual Southeast conference in September 2000. The idea was to create financial incentives for residents of Southeast Alaska to attend the University of Alaska Southeast. A contribution from Alaska Airlines provided initial funding. Since then, annual contributions to the fund by Southeast Conference have helped it grow to $2.5 million. The latest principal balance figure is $52,348. Recipient awards range from $500 to $3,600.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paul Jr wed
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paul Jr were married on July 23, 2010. The couple is celebrating the birth of their son, Joseph.

Larsen, Suffern to wed
Juneau residents Caroline Jamie Larsen, originally of Rolesville, N.C., and Paul Samuel Suffern, originally of Chapel Hill, N.C., will marry on Dec. 4, 2010 at North Raleigh United Methodist Church in Raleigh, N.C. A reception will be held at the Capital City Club of Raleigh.

Bagoyo-Sims, Williams Jr to wed
Calista Bagoyo-Sims and Donald A. Williams Jr. will be married in a ceremony at 1 p.m. on Oct. 9, 2010. The ceremony and following reception will be held at Valley Chapel, 9741 Mendenhall Loop Rd.

Holsts celebrate 49 years
Butch and Janice Holst celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary on Sept. 30, 2010. They are proud grandparents of grandchildren Ashlyn Holst, Jasmin Holst, Ian Bugayong, Samuel Holst, Martin Holst, Katie Holst, Alex Fisher, Amy Holst, Brian Holst, Erika Holst, Isabella Bugayong and Sydney Holst.

Samantha Adams was chosen as a second-place finalist in the "Invest in Kids Video" contest held by The Every Child Matters Education Fund in Washington D.C. Adams is a licenced child care provider in Juneau.

Breast cancer research and better hearing celebrated with hearing device
This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month will celebrate 25 years of making a positive difference for women and their families in communities around the world. Denise Klepinger of The Hearing Center is proud to support this worthy cause in a way that will also make a positive difference for people with hearing loss in Juneau.

Gastineau Humane Society wins prize
The Gastineau Humane Society put its best face forward and came away with a $500 weekly prize in an innovative grant program by Maddie's Fund, a foundation working in conjunction with and the Foundation to improve customer service in animal welfare. Each week, secret shoppers phoned, e-mailed or visited randomly chosen animal rescue groups and found a winner based on the organizations' responses. To be eligible, all groups had to be members in good standing.

Museums begin winter hours
Both the Juneau Douglas City Museum and the Alaska State Museum have recently switched to winter hours.

Pizza and shelving party to be held
The Juneau Public Library's pizza and shelving party is scheduled to beheld from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 8 at the downtown library. All are welcome to enjoy a free pizza dinner while helping the library put their books in order. If you can attend, please call Mark Whitman at 586-0446 to register or sign up at the circulation desk at the library. Children under the age of 12 are not encouraged to attend.

Unitarian Fellowship holds forum on the hidden faces of poverty in Juneau
The Social Justice Committee of Juneau's Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has chosen poverty as its focus of work this year. A series of forums will be held beginning today. All are open to the public.

Kensington Rune Stone lecture to be held
Dr. Jack Helle will give lectures at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 9 at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center about the Kensington Rune Stone.

Juneau Children Outdoors Community Coalition holds semi-annual meeting
The Juneau Children Outdoors Community Coalition is holding its semi-annual meeting Oct. 5 from 3 to 5 p.m. at DIPAC. Highlights from this year's coalition activities will be presented and there will be discussion about the coalition's new website "Get Outdoors Alaska," the upcoming AEYC Conference "Beaches, Boots and Blueberries: Learning Through Nature," and more.

United Way uses Day of Caring to kick off 2010 campaign
Over 100 volunteers will tackle 21 projects on Oct. 5 and Oct. 9 to kick off the annual Workplace Giving campaign. The kick off will finish up with a Souper Sunday event at noon on Oct. 10 at the Red Dog Saloon. The event will feature football game-watching, complemented by taste-testing soups made by local cooks. Participants are encouraged to wear the jerseys of their favorite teams. Cooks interested in competing for a prize of up to $100 may submit their favorite soup for $15. Entry forms may be found at

Door-to-door transportation available
People who have never tried the Care-A-Van are encouraged to call Julie or Mary Lou at the Senior Information and Caregiver Resource Center at 463-6177 (or, outside of Juneau, 866-746-6177 which is toll-free in Alaska.) Julie and Mary Lou can help complete the one-page Care-A-Van registration form and explain how the Care-A-Van works.

Chambers and Collins lead 2010 United Way campaign
Chuck Collins and Sara Chambers have stepped forward to lead the 2010 United Way of Southeast Alaska annual community giving campaign, building on past success and stretching the goal to increase both donors and donations by 10 percent this year.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance-Southeast chapter seeks volunteers
The Alaska Wildlife Alliance is a nonprofit organization founded by Alaskans in 1978. Solely dependent on the grassroots support of its members, it is the only Alaskan-based group dedicated entirely to the protection of Alaska's wildlife. The group promotes a science-based approach to wildlife management that promotes healthy ecosystems and includes true subsistence hunting. The Alaska Wildlife Alliance is committed to the protection of Alaska's wildlife for its intrinsic value and for the benefit of present and future generations.

Recent births at the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center:

Empire editorial: Vote Brown, Poole, Thurston in Tuesday's election
Eight members of the Juneau community expressed their willingness to sacrifice considerable time and energy to serve on either the Juneau School District School Board or the City Assembly. Their offer is appreciated and, regardless of Tuesday's results, all should be commended for their efforts to make our city better.

This week's Toe toon
This week's Toe toon.

Outside editorial: Wiretapping the Internet must be balanced with privacy concerns
The following editorial first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News:

My turn: Moving toward a return to reasonableness
Once again Leonard Pitts' column in the Sept. 27 Empire ("Time to move the fringes off center stage") is right on the money. Thanks to the media's need to attract sufficient viewers to satisfy the advertisers who support them, they have given stage center to a significant minority of extremists who are publicly babbling inane, angry, bigoted drivel, which has no foundation in fact. The general public has neither the time nor the inclination to fact check this pseudo-political debate and often simply believes "what they heard on the news."

Election requires careful scrutiny of candidates, positions
The municipal election is this Tuesday, our chance to express our collective will for the future of the Capital City. Three City Assembly and two Juneau School District School Board seats are on the ballot, alongside three propositions. Each matter deserves careful scrutiny as results of the voting will be with us for a long time.

Pro: Obama, Congress should extend Bush tax cuts for all
It has been said a lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth can even put its boots on. No one is suggesting those who advocate for inaction on looming tax increases are lying, but they certainly are misinformed. And the truth is catching up with them.

My turn: Alaska needs a US senator who will promote tourism
The visitor industry is critically important to Alaska's economy. That's why Alaska needs a U.S. Senator who will fight to actively promote the state's travel and tourism interests. Unfortunately, tourism has not been a priority for our elected leaders in Washington, D.C., but I believe there are great opportunities to promote travel and tourism in the Last Frontier.

Con: Obama, Congress should extend Bush tax cuts for all
George W. Bush summed it up at an $800 a plate dinner back in 2000 with a joke: "This is an impressive crowd - the haves and the have-mores," he said. "Some people call you the elites; I call you my base."

My turn: Thankful for Murkowski's write-in campaign
The person I want to vote for must be articulate and able to speak clearly with well-thought out ideas and facts. The person I want to vote for must be willing to take longer than a sound bite to provide real information on complex issues. Facts that make sense and can be verified and checked as well as ideas that just might be a solution.

Mayberry lives through reruns
The best television show ever made, I believe, was The Andy Griffith Show. It managed to touch on every aspect of life, whether we thought about it at the time or not.

Anchorage budget comes with tough cuts
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan has proposed dozens of layoffs and a bump in property taxes, but held off on raising taxes to the legal limit in submitting the city's next operating budget.

Fire destroys annex of Glennallen hotel
JUNEAU - State fire officials are investigating a fire that destroyed part of a hotel in Glennallen.

Kake man dies in bike crash
KAKE - A 42-year-old Kake man died when he crashed his bicycle into a telephone pole.

Ketchikan shipyard gets more land
KETCHIKAN - The Ketchikan shipyard has grown by nine acres.

Well-known Anchorage runner dies; husband charged
ANCHORAGE - A well-known Anchorage runner has died after being shot in her home, and her husband has been charged with murder.

Hostess recalling Chocolate chip Mini Muffins
Hostess Brands is recalling Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins because they may contain walnuts, which are not listed on the ingredients. Walnuts can act as an allergen.

Juneau-Douglas redeemed
Same scenario, different result.

Seven Bears tabbed for All-Conference team
Along with their big playoff win at home Saturday evening over the Chugiak Mustangs comes more good news for the Crimson Bears.

3A Playoffs: Stars too much for Falcons
The Thunder Mountain football team got its first taste of the state playoffs Saturday at Soldotna High School, and it wasn't a good one.

Fight night back at Marlintini's
Roughhouse fighting was back for its 11th year Friday night at Marlintini's Lounge in front of a capacity crowd, and the fight card was filled with some familiar faces.

Mickelson talks swimming, friends and flying
Juneau-Douglas swimming standout Tyler Mickelson played an important part in his team's second-place overall finish last season in the 2009 ASAA/Alaska Swimming and Diving Championships as a member of two first-place relay teams - the 200-meter freestyle and the state record-setting 200-meter medley. He also finished fourth and sixth in the state in the 100-meter butterfly and the 50-meter freestyle, respectively. Mickelson is back for his senior year, ready to improve his times and help his team in their pursuit of a state title.

JDHS runners struggle with hills at state
The consensus at the 2010 State High School Cross Country Championships was the hills were tough.

Legislators spar over Pebble Mine study
A legislative subcommittee tasked with crafting a third-party study of the potential impact of the Pebble mine met Sept. 28 in Anchorage, but the only thing legislators could agree on was the need to have another meeting.

Court upholds Alaska's judicial selection process
ANCHORAGE - A federal appeals court has upheld the way Alaska selects Superior Court judges and Supreme Court justices, rejecting a lawsuit that claimed lawyers have too much say in the process.

Polls show non-Republican support for Murkowski
ANCHORAGE - Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams doesn't just have to campaign to win over undecided voters. He also needs to stop people who might have otherwise helped him from joining Sen. Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign.

Report: Miller got indigent hunting license in 1995
ANCHORAGE - Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller and his wife were embarking on an extensive remodel of their recently purchased home in 1995 when they applied for indigent fish-and-game licenses, the Anchorage Daily News reported Saturday.

Fairbanks businessman hopes to turn paper into power
FAIRBANKS - When Bernie Karl surveys the bales of used cardboard and paper that are filling one of his warehouses at K&K Recycling, the Fairbanks businessman envisions a fuel source that will soon feed electricity into the local power grid.

Austin named to workers compensation board
Gov. Sean Parnell has appointed Brad Austin to the Alaska Workers' Compensation Board. The board hears and resolves disputed benefits claims, and oversees the Workers' Compensation system.

Berkowitz proposes independent attorney general
ANCHORAGE - The attorney general should pursue policies and legal actions that are in the best interest of Alaskans and not the governor's office, the Democratic candidate for governor said Friday.

Fairbanks borough to vote on wood stove rules
FAIRBANKS - Fairbanks North Star Borough voters will decide Tuesday whether to enact a law preventing the borough from banning certain wood stoves for heating homes.

Game board poised to legalize black bear trapping
ANCHORAGE - A move by the state Department of Fish and Game to legalize the snaring and trapping of bears for the first time since statehood has a conservation group and a watchdog agency accusing Alaska's game board and other state officials of trying to silence the public on important wildlife management issues.

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