Murkowski's campaign inconsistent with responsibility, legacy

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

A week or so ago I spoke with a prominent Juneau Republican regarding Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign. This individual strongly supports her action, while I do not. In my opinion, Murkowski had a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate principles and leadership, along with a long-term committment to the welfare of the Republican party, our state, and our nation.

Unfortunately, she chose a path inconsistent with personal responsibility and the Murkowski legacy. She, like Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Mike Castle and others didn't like the outcome of the process in which she was a willing and active participant so she decided to take "our" ball and go home. Admirable?

Now she says it was "the people down south" who caused her to lose the primary election. No doubt she believes the majority of us who didn't vote for her were too stupid not to be influenced by out-of-staters. Could it be that we just saw something in her representation that didn't demonstrate the strong leadership we want to see in our elected officials? Most liberals and many moderates, known for their single-minded, lemming-like approach to problem solving, might demand that I outline what Murkowski should have done.

She should have accepted what her party, her constiuents, and what should have been her principles, dictated. Without a doubt, she should have wholeheartedly supported the man who, in a fair election, was endorsed by her fellow Republicans. She then should have taken some time to fairly and honestly examine why she was not seen by her party as the best person to represent Republicans and all other Alaskans in he U.S. Senate at this time. With the information and a reasonably good name in general, she would have been well-prepared to challenge Mark Begich when he came up for re-election. Not only would that have been a win-win situation for the Republican Party, it woulod have been for the state of Alaska and the nation, as well. Instead, as a direct result of her actions, the Democrats are gleeful, the Republicans are again in disarray, and Independents like me are left with the need to further strengthen our ties to the tea party movement.

Bill Suss


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