Vote McAdams instead of wasting a ballot on Murkowski

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

Though I have nothing against her, a vote for Lisa Murkowski at this point is nothing more than a vote for the extremist, Joe Miller, because she just cannot sway enough voters in her favor in November. Instead of voting for Murkowski, I encourage people to vote for Scott McAdams, the Democrat, who has lived all his life here in Alaska, and has a vested interest in our state. He was a commercial fisherman and supports sustained yield, unlike Miller and his buddy Gov. Sean Parnell, who has overseen continual low salmon returns on various rivers and who supports the Pebble Mine even though there has not been an environmental impact review done yet, something Don Young was trying to hide by attempting to block the Environmental Protection Agency's review from even occurring, putting our Bristol Bay salmon at risk should there be detriments in its development.

If Young, Parnell, and Miller were loyal to this state, they would do the wise thing and allow the EPA to make a determination as to whether or not the development of this mine will destroy the watershed it sits above, desecrating our Bristol Bay salmon. Keep in mind this is a resource that has been around for thousands of years, providing far more in value, through sport, commercial and subsistence fishing, along with tourism, than this mine ever could, and will continue to provide should it not be destroyed. Why risk it for short term immediate gratification from the mine if the mine is not proven safe? One word, man: greed.

Mark L. Kline


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