Light rail option should be on the table

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

Juneau citizens have an excellent opportunity to participate in local democracy through the 2010 Alaska municipal elections. Of three propositions on the 2010 ballot, the most energized discourse concerns Proposition 2.

This opportunity challenges us to think globally and act locally. I am delighted with the energy proponents for a second channel crossing have brought to us. Improving emergency access to our local hospital, opening more access to Douglas Island development, and giving impetus to development of a world-class recycling center are major arguments for Proposition 2. One of the most appealing negative arguments brings out the all too easy fear of more taxes. Here is where thinking globally can expand how we look at this local initiative.

By now, most world citizens recognize human population growth and technological dependency threaten our future on our shared planet Earth. This leads me to ask, "Why not harness the local energy for improved transportation infrastructure to develop plans for and eventually build a world-class light rail transportation for Juneau-Douglas?" Two ultimate positive results are much less carbon dioxide air pollution and much more shared transportation among our diverse and growing community.

George W. Brown


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