Shocking support of second crossing from an environmentalist

Posted: Monday, October 04, 2010

Shocking as it may be to my many conservation-minded friends, this environmentalist is strongly in support of Proposition 2, to fund the second crossing.

While the ballot measure indicates that the crossing will be built at Sunny Point, the final location will only be determined after the review process. The proposition simply gets the ball rolling with reviewing and then permitting the project. The opportunities for public comment throughout a National Environmental Policy Act process are plentiful, and I am fully confident this community will thoroughly debate the fiscal aspects of a final project. In other words, all of us will have the chance to offer our opinions time and again as this effort takes shape and we learn more about costs and impacts.

None of us is clairvoyant; none of us can predict the population of Juneau in 20 or 25 years. If our town needs more land for housing, North and West Douglas are better locations with fewer environmental impacts than many others, in my view. I believe it's time now to start a serious review of the crossing - that's why I support Proposition 2.

Susan Schrader


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