New band debuts

Posted: Thursday, October 05, 2000

With an eye on the pop music charts, Jason Maroney hopes Juneau's newest rock group can get audiences up and dancing.

Maroney is the singer for G Force, which debuts this weekend at Marlintini's Lounge. The band includes bassist Mark Hildebrand, guitarist Ward F. Ward and drummer Todd Vierra.

"We're trying to focus on the nightclub dance scene," said Maroney. "We've got a whole bunch of current stuff, anything new that you've been hearing on the radio the past six months. Some eighties stuff too, classics like "Brickhouse" and "Superstition." It's a rather eclectic mix."

"When we first got together, we recognized a niche," he said. "We knew people were leaving and there'd be a need for a good cover band."

Part of the challenge was to mold four different personalities into one cohesive unit.

"Like any band or family, there's a lot of personality traits that need to be combined," he said.

G Force emphasizes festivity over virtuosity. Maroney invested in wireless microphone gear so he can interact with the audience better, without being tied to the stage.

"We're not into playing things exactly like they are on the radio, or technically perfect. We want to be entertaining, we want people to have fun," he said.

G Force will play at Marlintini's every weekend in October.

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