Keep it open

Posted: Friday, October 05, 2001

President Bush tells us we should return to our normal activities. The Juneau Airport authorities propose closing the Airport Wetlands Trail. What's next? Will the authorities tell us they are closing the small boat harbors to save us from a USS Cole-type attack by some berserk Bayliner on the supply barges, ferries or other critical vessels. Absurd? Of course it is.

Right now most Americans are willing to make sacrifices and tolerate all kinds of inconvenience to further real security. Silly measures such as closing the Airport Wetlands Trail only serve to diminish respect for the effort. The airport trail is one of very few that is useable by moms with toddlers, babies in strollers, folks in wheelchairs, senior Alaskans, and others who can't contend with steep grades, deep mud, slippery planks, and the other features of many local trails. In this time of heightened national tension we need the kind of peace and beauty the trail provides more than ever. Let's keep it open.

Robert Schofield


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