Time of need

Posted: Friday, October 05, 2001

Philosophers! Prophets! Heroes! Leaders! We need you. Pacifists! Soldiers! Patriots! Dissenters! Veterans! Protesters! We need you. Diplomats! Speakers! Poets! Artists! Flag-bearers! Anarchists! We need you.

In this place that must unite yet still hold all views, that must have immediate action yet have temperance and patience, that must conceive the inconceivable, act with wisdom and assurance in a place and time that is confusing and unsure, we need you. Here, in America, in each small segment and corner of this country, we need you. We need you, leaders and followers, heroes and common man and woman. We need to see your faces and hear your views and watch your actions, and build ourselves and build our country.

And you, quiet one, timid and meek and shy. You, who are afraid to speak, afraid to be seen. Yet you love your mother and you love your father and you love your family. And every person you meet you give nourishment and care. You don't think you have anything to offer. But you give love even to those who don't give it back. You, who are easily hurt yet never hurt back, who heal everything surrounding you, in time.

We need you the most.

We need you to fill your special role, to give your love to those of us shouting and screaming. We need to see you meek and afraid but still determined. We need you to show us who we are. We need you to be a leader, uncomfortable with your role, but still one that fits you. We need your kindness and unconditional love and nourishment. We need you.

Ishmael Charles Hope


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