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Posted: Friday, October 05, 2001

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It's interesting to me to see that there are many more flags on cars and in windows than there are voters at the polls. Please consider that the democracy we hold so dear is based on the right and the responsibility to vote.

Sue Hargis

The assembly has again thumbed its nose at the members of this community. They've passed their fuzzy-wuzzy, feel-good no-smoking ordinance. They exempted four restaurant-bars, which is really unfair to Donna's and other restaurants without bars. I guess they want to encourage drinking. So if smokers want to share a meal with friends, but don't want to drink, tough luck. A recent nation-wide Gallup poll showed that although 20 percent of the recipients were smokers, all of 80 percent did not want smoking banned in the restaurants. Furthermore, a recent medical study points out that far more people die from weight-related problems than from first and second-hand smoke combined. Does our Assembly plan to start regulating our food intake, for our own good of course? And again, half the restaurants in Juneau were already smoke-free, but the Assembly couldn't resist intruding into personal freedoms and business decisions. Thanks again for nothing.

Phyllis Lewis

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