Posted: Friday, October 05, 2001

The Cook Inlet Football Conference honors story appearing in Thursday's Juneau Empire was missing several names because incomplete information was given to the newspaper. A complete list of the All-CIFC teams follows below.


Results of Wednesday's balloting by Cook Inlet Football Conference coaches for the season's all-CIFC honors.


Offensive player of the year -- Brett Fairchild, Juneau-Douglas.

Defensive player of the year -- Justin Dailey, Bartlett.

Lineman of the year -- Zac Campbell, Juneau-Douglas.

Utility player of the year -- Joe Chirhart, Dimond.

Head coach of the year -- Reilly Richey, Juneau-Douglas.

Assistant coach of the year -- John Lewis, Bartlett.

All-Cook Inlet Football Conference Teams

First team


Running back -- Tyler Blewett, Bartlett; Boaz Gionson, Bartlett; Ryan Ersland, Service; Jared Solberg, West Anchorage.

Fullback -- Jake Staser, Service.

Quarterback -- Brett Fairchild, Juneau-Douglas.

Wide receiver -- Jacob Dutton, Juneau-Douglas; George Lochner, Chugiak.

Tight end -- Jake Miller, Juneau-Douglas.

Tackle -- Mike McKewon, Bartlett; Zac Campbell, Juneau-Douglas; Mitch Carey, West Anchorage.

Guard -- Sloan Green, Bartlett; Tyler Glenn, Chugiak; Travis Pippen, Service.

Center -- Thomas McMichael, Chugiak.


Defensive end -- Bryan Lance, Chugiak; Auno Filoialli, East Anchorage.

Interior line -- Raymond Parks, Bartlett; Keenan Laird, Dimond; Willi Pili, East Anchorage; Stephen Martinez, Chugiak.

Linebacker -- Justin Dailey, Bartlett; Thomas McMichael, Chugiak, Chad Adams, Dimond; Nick Fuhr, Service; Jeff Smiley, Chugiak; Sione Tupou, Juneau-Douglas.

Defensive back -- Zack Bowman, Bartlett; Joe Chirhart, Dimond; Willy Dodd, Juneau-Douglas; Tim Hehnlin, Chugiak.


Kicker -- Lee Sullivan, Juneau-Douglas.

Punter -- Colin Olito, West Anchorage.

Kick returner -- Zack Bowman, Bartlett.

Long snapper -- Greg Marlow, Bartlett.

Second team


Running back -- Brett Denton, Dimond; Michael John, Chugiak; Brad Lozano, Chugiak.

Fullback -- Sione Tupou, Juneau-Douglas.

Quarterback -- Tim Hehnlin, Chugiak.

Wide receiver -- Joe Chirhart, Dimond; Ski Davis, West Anchorage.

Tight end -- Nick Fuhr, Service.

Tackle -- Ty Clapper, Dimond; Jeremy Gronos, Chugiak.

Guard -- Michael Johnson, Dimond; Justin Rasmussen, Juneau-Douglas; Paul Ingram, West Anchorage.

Center -- Bret Russell, Juneau-Douglas.


Defensive end -- Ty Clapper, Dimond; Brian Jones, Service.

Interior line -- Tom Vickery, Chugiak; Patrick Kelley, East; Zac Campbell, Juneau-Douglas; Bret Russell, Juneau-Douglas.

Linebacker -- Levant Logo, East Anchorage; Bret West, Juneau-Douglas; James Murphy, West Anchorage; Jesse Spillman, Bartlett; Chris McMullen, Dimond, Tui Muai, East Anchorage.

Defensive back -- Dustin Grimes, Service; Chris Stovall, Dimond; Junior Faaaliga, East Anchorage; Jared Solberg, West Anchorage.


Kicker -- Chris James, Chugiak.

Punter -- Brandon Joseph, Dimond.

Long snapper -- Jeff Smiley, Chugiak.

Kick returner -- Junior Faaaliga, East Anchorage.



Running back -- Drew Williams, Bartlett; Cody Nix, Chugiak; Jason Cameron, Juneau-Douglas.

Fullback -- Jeff Smiley, Chugiak; Chris McMullen, Dimond.

Quarterback -- Pierce Blewett, Bartlett; Marcus Watts, Bartlett; Derek Laws, East Anchorage; Garrett Parker, Service.

Wide receiver -- Lionel James, Bartlett; Jeff Sandhoffer, Chugiak; Casey Flair, East Anchorage; Jason Hibbert, Service.

Tight end -- Tim Pullen, Chugiak; Charles Worland, Bartlett; Dave Rust, West Anchorage; Kris Hodges, Dimond.

Tackle -- Greg Marlow, Bartlett; Patrick Stillman, Chugiak; James Beneke, East Anchorage.

Guard -- Jason Huseman, East Anchorage; Tumaua Tuatau, West Anchorage; Matt Mazany, Bartlett; Ryan Woodard, Chugiak; Dustin Dollarhide, East Anchorage.

Center -- Pat McDonald, Bartlett; Hunter Joy, East Anchorage; Foketi Inoke, West Anchorage.


Defensive end -- Jake Miller, Juneau-Douglas; Josh Henderson, Bartlett; Kevin Regis, Bartlett; Wayne Cushingham, Chugiak.

Interior line -- Justin Rasmussen, Juneau-Douglas; Brian Pili, East Anchorage; Jordan Shannon, Chugiak; Alex Tauanuu, East Anchorage.

Linebacker -- Javier Brown, Bartlett; Michael Pavlik, Chugiak; Travis Shearer, Chugiak; Joe Lyman, East Anchorage; Jason Speyerer, Dimond; Sean Kelly, Bartlett; Alexander Clifford, Chugiak; Jonathan Moore, Juneau-Douglas; Chad Pearce, Service; Jordan Matukonis, West Anchorage.

Defensive back -- Brandon Moore, Bartlett; Cody Nix, Service; Michael John, Chugiak; Ryan Bailey, East Anchorage; Matt Akers, Service; Danny Deibler, Bartlett; Leon Chatman, Chugiak; Antoine McLeod, East Anchorage; Jacob Dutton, Juneau-Douglas; Paul Cellos, Service; Eric Tollefson, Juneau-Douglas.


Kicker -- None listed.

Punter -- Boaz Gionson, Bartlett; Chris James, Chugiak.

Long snapper -- Mike Croffut, Dimond.

Kick returner -- Mike Pavlik, Chugiak; Chris Stovall, Dimond.

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