Story understands School Board issues

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2003

Andi Story has my vote for School Board on Tuesday.

I've had the privilege of serving with her through the years on site councils at Auke Bay, DZ and the high school: She works hard, cares deeply about our kids, about teachers, about education, and particularly wants all our children to succeed in a school system that welcomes, encourages and brings out the best in each of them. She takes time to study issues and problems and comes up with creative ideas to solve them.

She understands the school budget process (as well as anyone can anyway), understands the issues presented by No Child Left Behind, brings a sense of continuity from elementary school to middle school through high school, and is one of the calmest most dedicated people I know.

I am convinced she will be a strong, solution-oriented leader for our School Board, a person we need especially now.

Nancy DeCherney


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