Botelho has long record of community service

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2003

Bruce Botelho is among those rare individuals who believes that civic service is the highest calling.

Bruce offers Juneau a quality altogether to often missing from public servants; a genuine desire to serve the public.

He could easily have parleyed his time as attorney general into lucrative law practice or some other form of personal gain.

He instead offers his services once again to his hometown.

From his earliest Boy Scout days, his entire life has focused on ways to improve the world around him, especially Juneau.

Even as a teenager, Bruce was attending public meetings and volunteering for activities aimed at improving the quality of life in Juneau.

In a time when public employees and politicians are so often maligned, Bruce reminds me what selfless civic service can mean.

Adam Moles

Auke Bay

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