Fooling with the soul of America

Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2003

And so now these atheists want to take the Ten Commandments from our rotundas. Our nation is steering its course toward a shameful crumple.

There was a time when America was great because it was good; now, as Alexis de Toqueville warned, we will cease to be great because decency is definitely fading from our lives. Someone is precariously fooling with the soul of America.

The very first commandment states: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." For this cause our country was founded upon the principles of Christianity. We see the faith of our fathers written all through the history of this great nation. If we research meaningfully into our history we would soon recognize that the Architect of the universe had an impressive role in the birth of this nation. All of the "thou shalt nots" are embedded in our American values and laws. We need to be reminded about them with every opportunity and occasion, whether it be in public places or in our hearts.

Here, in America, the founders guaranteed us freedom of religion - this means that we could worship whomever or whatever our souls desire. The reason they debated about separating church and state was that they did not want any one religious denomination to dictate so as to avoid what King George, who had all these wives, of England did. It was against the Catholic Church's doctrine for one to divorce his wife. However when King George's wife was unable to bear him a son, the only way he could change the doctrine was to dissociate himself from the church; as a result he produced the Church of England.

This issue of separation of church and state was inserted by the founders for a purpose: that religious conviction should, indeed, play an important part in our lives. And so when these atheists can cogitate that religion is unconstitutional they are so far off base by sightlessness and narrow vision. Even though, as Toqueville noted that religion plays no direct role in the affairs of government, he realized that it had to be the most important institution governing the moral lives of the people of America. When he visited America he saw that the American people were worshipping in Christian churches

Just as other nations of the world embrace their own religious convictions, like the Muslims worship Allah; there are the Mohammed worshippers and then the people from the eastern and central Orient believe in the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Native Americans appealed for guidance from the Great Spirit in the sky. Some of their earliest stories tell about this impressive white prophet who visited them for a short while and promised he would return to them one day. There is this book called "He Walked The Americas" by L. Taylor Hanson. It tells Native American stories and legends from South and North America about this person who came and tarried among them for some time teaching the people those same things that the Christian Prophet taught across the "land of many waters." This book is a clear account of a people who were taught Christianity long before Columbus discovered us. When the missionaries influenced the Indian nations with the bible, they were surprised that Native American stories and legends were similar to the accounts in the bible.

Our country was founded upon the principles of Christianity; it is written all through the history of this illustrious nation; the commandments are even embedded in our Native American values. The Battle Song of the Alaska Native Brotherhood is Onward Christian Soldiers; when we take the oath of membership, or an office, in this organization we promise that we will look to our Heavenly Father for wisdom and strength to keep us steadfast. In times of war or disaster Americans, true Americans, does exactly that. And, indeed, we are strengthened.

All peoples of the world call for some kind of faith-based principles to rely on for their existence. We are no different, so why are these faithless-based people in lofty places using their prominent positions by appeals from a few atheists to take away the foundation that made the people of America morally upright?

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