Mine's merit in economic diversity

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am writing in support of the Kensington mine in this latest round of attacks. Kensington mine management has more than met regulatory requirements, and their permits have been approved by the government agencies we have tasked with policing these kinds of developments. I know of no earthly reason why they should not be permitted to go forward with construction and operation as approved.

Further, as a lifelong Juneau resident who knows a little bit about the economy here, I am amazed that more weight is not given to the economic boost and diversity that this mine will bring to the area. While many communities in our region have been feeling an economic downturn for years, Juneau has been somewhat insulated from that downturn. However, last year, even Juneau lost population. Our community has too long depended on one industry - government. Tourism, as bright as it is, does not pay a year-round living wage to many. You only have to look at Greens Creek's contribution to the Juneau economy to see the positive impact Kensington is having and will continue to have if we support it. Kensington mine management has made strong efforts to use local goods, services and workers. As they are supporting us, I will return that support. I hope others will join me to help deflect this recent round of assaults.

Linda J. Snow


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