Kensington: an unfortunate lawsuit

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 05, 2005

When my wife and I left Juneau a couple weeks ago for a short vacation I was feeling great about the progress being made at the Kensington Mine. Construction had begun after safeguards had been put in place. Over the past 16 years I'd tracked the mine project and watched it become a smaller, smarter and a more cost-effective project. In July it was great to hear they'd received their final permits, allowing construction to begin.

Upon my return, I learn the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council has chosen to file suit to stop the Kensington project. I am convinced that this disruptive action is an extremely unfortunate mistake on their part as we now get a glimpse of their true colors. They don't want a mine so they make false claims about Coeur and the Clean Water Act. They don't want any mine so they insist Coeur choose a poor alternative to Slate Lake. I know the permitting agencies have done everything they should.

Fellow Juneauites, I hope you are not impressed by this action taken by SEACC. I trust good science and the law will prevail and this unnecessary maneuver will not cause any delay in construction. That would be tragic.

Fred Morino


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