Logging roads are smoother than Egan

Posted: Friday, October 05, 2007

Maybe I missed it the first time the state told us why we are getting an overpass on Egan Drive. Can anyone please tell me again why we are having this instead of a stoplight system? I am sure that the state did a million dollar-plus study on why it is better, and I am sure that it will cost millions more than a stop light, and yes, it will take two years of work (I think that by now a stoplight could have been up and working). So that is most likely the reason for it?

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I am not a big fan of the U.S. Forest Service, but it has regulations set out for how logging roads are built, and I have driven on many of them around Southeast. Most of them are not as rough as the "New Egan Drive," and, yes, water drains off them. It sure does not do that on "our road."

Oh, and anyone want in on the pool about the date of the first multicar pile-up after the black ice shows up? Those concrete side walls have "lots of give." What's going to happen if we get only half or even a quarter of the snow we had last year? I am sure that with the concrete sidewalls that it will be a joy to move the snow. I guess I just don't understand, but then I have been told that I have common sense, so that must be it. I don't think like a politician.

Rick Carter


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