Churches and taxes

Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let me see if I have got this right. We face the greatest threat to our financial system since the Great Depression, our energy woes are highlighted like never before, the fabled Northwest Passage is now open, deforestation continues unabated, storms and strange weather dominate the news, we are fighting two wars, and confidence in our direction is at its lowest in decades.

Meanwhile, Sunday pastors were advising their congregations to "vote for life." I did not realize that Roe versus Wade and gay rights were causing global warming and economic hardship.

I guess when churches are exempt from taxes there is no reason to be concerned. After all, it will be those of us that actually support the operations of state that will pay to limit carbon dioxide emissions and the development of alternative fuels.

Perhaps it is time to revisit our tax codes.

Mike Dishnow

Retired Mat-Su district counselor

Former Juneau-Douglas High School counselor

Soldiers Grove, Wis.

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