'Skin of Our Teeth' a fascinating play

Posted: Monday, October 05, 2009

Thornton Wilder's "Skin of Our Teeth" at Perseverance Theatre was a fascinating and hilarious play.

In the play, Adam and Eve (Mr. And Mrs. Antrobus), have been married 5,000 years and live in New Jersey. Cain has killed his brother Abel, and now Cain has a little sister.

At the first production of this play in 1942, Hitler had invaded Poland and Pearl Harbor had been bombed. The war was furious in Europe and South Asia. No end to this war was in sight. And yet Wilder wrote in an end to the war in his play.

Mr. Antrobus is elected president of the Fraternal Order of Mammals, and is to give a speech to all living beings of the world in Atlantic City. He becomes distracted by a calamitous storm and the seduction of Lily/Sabina. He directs the animals two by two into the boat at the end of the pier.

How many catastrophes can the human race endure? The Ice Age, the flood, a world war, and perhaps the greatest challenge - living in a peace where evil walks the earth, evil being the person of Cain, who has fought as a general in the "other" army.

Perseverance is a mature and remarkable theater and this is Wilder's work for which he received his third Pulitzer Prize. The acting is great.

Thanks to Perseverance Theatre for another fabulous production.

Kathy Kolkhorst Ruddy


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