Tolls should fund second crossing

Posted: Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Like many others, I've followed the debate over a proposed second crossing of Gastineau Channel. I personally would use a second crossing because it would reduce the miles that we drive, the gas that we consume, and the wear and tear on our vehicle. I propose that the second crossing be paid for by the users through a toll collection system. Over time, the toll fees would flow back to the city to recoup out-front expenditures.

I value the wetlands for the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna, and believe that we should do our best to protect these values. A crossing constructed of fill, culverts and a bridge would have an adverse effect on the natural values of the wetlands, and should not be built. A crossing structure elevated on pilings would greatly reduce the negative impacts on the natural values and provide the desired second access to Douglas Island.

Craig Lindh


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