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Posted: Friday, October 06, 2000

... for helping students

The Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood are and always have been strong advocates of education. The grand Camp Scholarship Program is one that supplements other financial assistance programs or personal contributions toward an individual's educational initiatives.

The funds used by this program are obtained through contributions at Grand Camp Conventions, local camps and from our gaming operations. For this fall quarter, we granted 47 students at $300 each. Listed below area students funded for this fall:

Kimberly Brakes, Brennan Camp, Tiffany Camp, Daniel Douglas, Maria Cogswell, Joy E. Craig, Michael Douglas, Jayne Dangeli, William Dangeli, Daniel Goheen (College returned check), Tine Greenup, Mia Hansen, Janice Jackson, Misty Hudson, David Johnson, James M. Johnson, Michele Jones, Craig LeCornu, Alan Lokke, Skyler Mazon, Patrick McKinley, Bryan Perez, Ryan Pickrell, Jerel Price, Trudy Skan (Returned check), Allison Shane, Marc Simpson, Anthoney Stock, Micah Tavares, Jana Towne, Yarrow Vaara, Elizabeth Watanabe, Rayana White, Stanley Williams, Ralph Wolfe, Richard Wolfe, Samantha Yeltatzie, Angela Pfeifer, Francine Pegues, Misty Hoyt, Robert Williams, Naomi Hill, Ernestine King, Edward Grant, Joel Azure, Patricia Brandt, Fred Phillips, Sandi Dalton and Walter Kookesh.

On behalf of the ANB/ANS Grand Came Scholarship Committee and Grand Camp Gaming Committee, I would like to thank all of our patron who play bingo and pull-tabs at our gaming operations, as well as the generous donations received from individuals and local camps. Your contributions and support help to make our scholarship program successful.

Special thanks to those who serve on the Grand Camp scholarship and gaming committees, and to our Grand President, Sam Jackson who gave his support at all times.

Helen Loescher

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