Don't leave garbage out

Posted: Sunday, October 06, 2002

During the past three months I have been out patrolling neighborhoods, reading police blotters on animal sightings and talking with Pat Costello concerning Juneau's urban bear problem.

I was appalled and amazed on the amount of people that store their garbage cans out in the open especially when their house has a large garage with the cars parked outside. What's the problem here? Is it to hard to keep your garbage inside your huge garage until trash day? Or would you rather keep picking it up off your lawn and your neighbors lawn every day because some bear is out looking for a meal? It's not the bears' fault we entice them with food, but who is to blame when one of them has to end up being killed? Why do we even have a litter control officer when litter control doesn't seem to be enforced?

I read in one police blotter that there were 95 bear calls, 35 of them were notify litter control and zero of those 95 were citations? What's wrong with this picture. Maybe the Juneau Police Department should be given the authority to write people citations for litter control when they have to come out to your house and chase away the bear that is eating the garbage you left out!!

It's really sad when a bear ends up being killed just because it is trying to feed itself to prepare for winter. I myself was part of the problem several years ago. I left my trash outside and of course it attracted one bear. But you know it took only that one time and now I keep my trash inside. I didn't like picking up garbage all over the yard, nor did my neighbors.

Next time JPD has to kill a bear think about who made them pull the trigger!

Brenda Carabajal


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