To my supporters!

Posted: Sunday, October 06, 2002

I want to express my sincere gratefulness for your support during this campaign. I am humbled by the many votes during the election. I want to thank my husband for all the effort that he, many times alone, put into this campaign. His love and concern for me, this family and for this community shines bright above any loss. He gave freely and selflessly and is committed to this community. I found myself saying many times during this campaign, "Thanks Honey!"

I want to thank my children for the many hours they had to do without mom because she was out campaigning. I give a special thanks to Jesse and Rachel who stood with me in the pouring rain on Election Day.

For the rest of my supporters, you have been very gracious to me. Your trust and faith in me I carry with great honor! I want you to know that I will continue to seek an appointment to the School Board. I want you to be represented. You took the time to get out and vote and you deserve to be represented on the School Board. I pray, let us give democracy a chance.

In humbled thanks,

Julie Morris


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