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Posted: Sunday, October 06, 2002

Coho salmon fishing in the Juneau area remained better than average in the most recent creel survey. It took an average of six hours to land a silver. The five-year average catch rate is 10 hours. The majority of the silvers were being harvested from Point Retreat, Outer Point and North Pass.

Anglers who went for halibut had good success. It took an average of 15 hours to land the flatfish. The five-year average is 49 hours. Most of the halibut sampled were caught in the Vanderbilt Reef area.

Creel survey personnel didn't sample any king salmon last week, so no hours are available. The five-year average catch rate for king salmon at this time of year is 65 hours.

Roadside anglers can find coho salmon in Montana Creek and near the DIPAC salmon hatchery. Coho salmon fishing can also be good along the shore around Point Louisa, as schools of coho migrate past on their way to freshwater streams.

As of Sept. 30, anglers are allowed to head and fillet king and coho salmon prior to returning to the docks. The state Fish and Game Department thanks anglers for complying with the regulation that prohibited heading and filleting their king and coho salmon catch, and allowing department personnel to recover the heads from their coded wire tagged king and coho salmon.

The Juneau area personal use red and blue king crab winter season is open through March 31. The daily bag and possession limits for Section 11-A winter season red and blue king crab personal use fishery will be one legal crab per permit per day. The winter seasonal household limit will be 20 king crab.

This is the last sport fishing report for the 2002 fishing season.

For further information concerning sport fishing opportunities or regulations in the Juneau area, call the Division of Sport Fish at 465-4270.

Provided by Bruce White at the Division of Sport Fish Douglas office.

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