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Posted: Monday, October 06, 2003

For whatever it's worth, I'd like to voice my opinion on a few issues that Juneau and Alaska is dealing with.

First, the marijuana proposition: isn't it illegal to possess this according to federal law? If so, we can pass whatever we want on a state level; it doesn't do anything except show our dysfunction as a country.

Second, taxing one group of a community to benefit the whole is ridiculous. I've seen signs that support the taxing of tobacco; some people even go as far as saying it will help with the battle against teen smoking. Do you actually think that raising the price of cigarettes will do anything except anger people? I guarantee when a teen starts smoking, they don't get someone to buy a pack. They either bum one off a friend or are offered one. People keep saying things like "think about the children" when trying to win support for ideas. This, while on certain issues is appropriate, seems like a cheap way of getting votes. Keep to the issue instead of clouding it. If your going to tax people, why can't we tax something that will affect all of us? If there is such a shortage of money, why don't we get it over with and put a citywide tax on all of us? Yeah, it sucks, but we all have to contribute to bring this city to standards.

Third, I read in the paper that administrators were given a raise somehow or another, yet teachers aren't getting anything. Do I actually have to say anything except what is going on? I don't understand where the money comes from and maybe it's not possible, but why couldn't we spread that "extra" money around?

And lastly (this is more of a national issue) something that has bothered me is the amount of blame the president gets. If a Republican is in office, the Democrats are complaining and vice versa, of course. Would it be so hard to talk about some good things he's done? And if you just thought "what has he done good," you need to realize you don't get elected president by not contributing to this nation in a positive way somehow.

Stuart Ashton


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