Tobacco tax will reduce smoking, raise money

Posted: Monday, October 06, 2003

My name is Janelle Quimpo, and I am a student at JDHS. I have studied the tobacco tax and have found that increasing tobacco taxes would be beneficial to most people. There are many pros to raising tobacco taxes, such as increasing local government revenues by $300,000. Also, according to a Web site I found, on average, a 10 percent increase in cigarette prices reduces smoking by 4 percent in developed countries and 8 percent in poorer countries. According to that same Web site, a 10 percent increase worldwide would prompt 40 million people to quit smoking and discourage others from starting. It's amazing how the slightest price increase can make a huge difference. There are also cons for increasing tobacco taxes, but none strong enough to not raise the tobacco tax. For example, people choose to smoke and they will have to pay more for it. Well, what I have to say about that is, they should have to pay more for it! It's not only hurting their health, but the people around them are suffering from second-hand smoke. In conclusion, increasing the tobacco tax will be beneficial to the community.

Janelle Quimpo


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