Passing tobacco tax would help teens

Posted: Monday, October 06, 2003

I am currently a student at JDHS and I am writing in about the tobacco tax, which is to be on the Oct. 7 ballot. I strongly feel that this ballot issue should be passed, not only for the health of Juneau's adults, but the future of Juneau itself and by that, I mean the teens. I, along with numerous friends and family, are for the tax in hopes that it will not only lower teen smoking, but also drop the amount of cigarettes and tobacco bought in Juneau. My history class has been learning about the ballot issues and this one in particular caught my attention not only because there are many people who have died but because there are many people who have died of cancer in my family, but because a number of them still continue to smoke anyway.

If this tax was passed, it could be an incentive to maybe stop buying tobacco products altogether, or at least, lower the amount bought. Even if this tax only helps people cut down, it would bring in approximately $300,000. This tax could help the town of Juneau in so many positive ways, even if it's only one who decides to quit, or one teen who decides not to smoke. The youth in this world today are especially in danger because if you don't smoke by 18, you probably never will. None the less, we need to take the steps necessary to teens to help teens through it.

Kerstin Kimlinger


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