What will become of ferry service

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I've been hearing stories and reading articles about the "Fast Alaska Ferries" and so far no part of it sounds too good. The ferries are sucking in wild waterfowl, floating debris, or severing tie-up lines. Outside of "fast," I haven't heard any positive stories. Also, if the state gets rid of all our "old" ferries, what will happen to the Bellingham run? Will it be cut out or will the state build a "bigger fast ferry?"

I have never heard or read any complaints about all the money being spent for road and highway repairs in northern Alaska, but they are always crying over how much the Alaska Marine Highway System costs to operate. These ferries were supposedly built for the Southeast people who had no highways. These ferries also bring in a revenue where the ones up north bring in nothing except more repair bills.

I hope there's someone out there that can clue me in on the future of the Alaska-Bellingham run.

Ed Braz


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