Leman's actions deserve recall

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Alaska is given a more solemn responsibility than the lieutenant governor, charged with overseeing the election process. The person holding this position must possess unquestionable moral integrity, as he must be willing to put his political views aside to insure that Alaskan voters receive an unbiased ballot. As chief of the Division of Elections it is the lieutenant governor's job to ensure that all citizen initiatives which have met the requirements for being placed on the ballot are allowed to proceed forward unimpeded.

Loren Leman has failed in his responsibilities. He has relentlessly worked to squelch the initiative put forth by Trust the People which would allow a vote by citizens to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy. After twice removing this measure, which he opposes, Leman inserted unfounded language of his own invention onto the ballot in order to bias voters against it. He has essentially tampered with our ballot. The cost of Leman's actions to the state thus far is $300,000 and counting, not including legal expenses.

Leman is completely unqualified to hold public office. He has violated the public's trust. He places his personal agenda above the interests of the citizens of this state. Leman's actions are more than sufficient grounds for a recall vote to remove him from office.

David A. James


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